Hokama’s Karate Dojo and Museum

We at Gateway To Okinawa are proud to add Hokama Tetsuhiro sensei to our lists of teachers. After talking to him for several hours the other day at his dojo, he has allowed us to introduce potential students to him. We can also arrange seminars and training with Hokama sensei. He is also willing to share his knowledge of history through his tours of historic sites around Okinawa. We can arrange this with Hokama sensei as well as any accommodations you may require.

Hokama sensei is also a master calligrapher and will take orders through us. So if your shinzen needs a beautiful piece of calligraphy we can help you in obtaining it from sensei.

Certainly you can contact the Hokama dojo directly, or go through one of the branch dojo if you know someone, but we are happy to help anyone who wishes to learn more about Okinawa karate and would like to contact Hokama sensei.

Here is a video of our recent visit. It gives you an idea of how much history is packed into this dojo.

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