About 6 months ago I was asked to join a moai. For those who don't know what a moai is it's just a gathering of people for a certain purpose. Usually money is involved as everyone every month contributes a set amount and after some time you are able to withdraw a large amount of money.

I belong to two moai in Okinawa one with my main dojo and another. The moai for my dojo is about getting together outside of the dojo to socialize. The second moai was created by Uezu sensei of Uechi-ryu and Kobudo. The purpose of this moai is a discussion group on the propagation of Okinawan karate. As a result myself and James Pankiewicz of the Dojo Bar were asked to join. The members include many high ranking karate and kobudo practitioners as well as several others with skills that could contribute to the group's purpose.

We had our meeting last night at the Dojo Bar and I took some photos that I though people might like to see.

Moai1This second photo includes Paul Babadelis sensei and Steve Lyons sensei of the Ryusyokai who are not part of the moai, as well as Taira Masaji sensei who is part of the moai.Moai2The number of members is fluid at the moment but there are around 10-12 members at this time. As you can see the number of people who stayed for the party was just a handful.

PS I am working on a series of posts from our first seminar series so stay tuned.


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