Our apartments in Naha are situated close to Kokusai-doori, or international street, i.e. the no. 1 boulevard of Okinawa. You can chose between many different apartment buildings :

The types of apartments are Single, Double, Double X and Family (Double X and Family rooms are limited). These photos are just an example of one apartment building. For more details of another apartment building please refer to Tsuboya Apartment post.



Just hop on the monorail to get to Onoyama Athletic park with the Prefectural Budokan, swimming pool, baseball and soccer fields or the kyudo dojo. Or take the other direction for shopping at Shintoshin, or a stroll through Shuri castle and nearby parks.

A 10 minute walk takes you to the headquarter shop of Shureido, world famous brand of Karate and Kobudo equipment.

Last but not least: some of the most famous Karate dojo ever, are within walking distance.

Enjoy training with cutting-edge Karate and Kobudo masters, Beach BBQ, guided tours, and much more.

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