Karate and Kobudo Monument Tour

Coming to Okinawa as a Karateka or Kobudoka, or both, gives you the opportunity to visit an incredible number of monuments and tombs of bygone masters.

This tour guides you to some of the most famous, and some of the lesser known of these historic Karate sites.

Below you see the tomb of Matsumura Sokon, founder of Shuri-te, and the translation of the text on the memorial stone set up by the Matsumura family in 2000.

Originator of Shuri-te Okinawa-Karate

Here at this place rests Matsumura Sôkon (1809-1899), the saint of boxing.

He saw the light of day in Yamagawa, a part of the city of Shuri.

His Chinese name was Wŭ Chéngdá, as an artist name he chose Unyû (cloud of prowess) and Buchô (leader of warriors).

He excelled in the martial arts since his childhood. As a result of his devotion he achieved unity of the literary and the martial arts - Bunbu ichinyo.

As a warrior he possessed both wisdom and courage and his famous name resounded already during his lifetime.

In the Ryukyu Dynasty founded bei King Shô En (i.e. the 2nd Shô-Dynasty - he served three consecutive kings as a bodyguard: King Shô Kô (17th generation), King Shô Iku (18th generation), and King Shô Tai (19th generation).

12th month of Heisei 20 (December 2000)

The descendants of the Matsumura family