Okinawan Lifestyle

We're talking Okinawa, southernmost prefecture of Japan.

Consisting of 57 islands including Miyako and Yaeyama Island groups, Okinawa prefecture with Okinawa main island as the nucleus is a truly subtropical, southern paradise were flowers in bloom boast off their beauty year-round.

Surrounded by an emerald-green glittering sea, these islands own resplendent coral reefs to be spoken of as among the world's finest.

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The islands' awesome natural attractions seem to have jumped straight out of a sun-and-fun-loving vacationers dreams.

Courtesy of Andreas Quast

Okinawas rich culture is home to world-class arts and crafts, music, festivals, an endless list of sport activities, a special diet which presumably made the Okinawans the longest living people on this planet, and last but not least Karate and Kobudo, the world-famous martial arts. And here is Aikido, Battojutsu, Kyudo, Iaido, Jodo, Naginata-do, too. And we have the key to open the gate.

Don't let the Greenhorn-effect or language problems steal away your precious time running round looking for the places to go!

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Yeah: We're talking Gateway to Okinawa.

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