Arts, Crafts, & Culture

Don't leave Okinawa without having had strolled through the pottery districts, the historical and theme museums, without having played the Sanshin (three stringed lute) or having visited the glass manufacturing sites at Yonabaru, to name a few.

Keeping alive and extending on the rich and colorful culture of Ryukyu kingdom times, you may find yourself holding a handmade vase that possesses sophisticated aesthetics and beauty unlike any you have ever seen before , and which would more than satisfy any overseas art lovers' or collectors' standards.

All year festivals exhibiting traditional performing or entertaining arts are held and it's just pure fun to join in the hustle and bustle surrounding the performances, meet old friends, make new ones, and eat, drink and enjoy.

When in Rome act like the Romans.

When in Okinawa, drink Orion Beer!

See the traditional Bo-odori, Eisa (lion dance) with it's cheering spirit, party deep into the night and meet real Kokoro: the heart of Okinawan people.

"Well, I'am not into that old kinda stuff,"

says Buff Ruff, step-brother of Crouchy Crude himself.

Hold on, Dude! We've got some culture 4U2! Chisle de wizzle and take a ride (or a full gallop) on downtown Naha's nightlive rollercoaster! It has a bustling bunch of the coolest bars and pubs ever. Ok, Naha will never win a price for city architecture.


But once your inside, you will be happy. We don't even know exactly why.

"In Okinawa I had the happiest time of my life,"

wrote Seiji Noma, founder of Kodansha Publishing, in his memoires. He came to Okinawa in 1904 and stayed some years. Some things just never change, you know?!

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