Karate and Kobudo

With more than 400 dojo and the highest density of Kodansha (5th Dan and higher) anywhere in the world, it is just like training in Karate paradise here. There's no way you will not level up training with any of the masters here.

But, how to find one of these dojo and actually get accepted and taught something of value? Will someone be there everyday and care about my wanting to learn, train and study?

Not necessarily.

Here's the answer: We`ll connect you to the dojo or sensei of your choice.


We connect you to the dojo/sensei of your choice.

Ok, let's downgrade a bit by adding, "If we cannot do it, probably no one can."


Anyway: You name it, we deliver. The only things you actually have to do yourself is 1) tell us what do you want by using our contact form, and 2) get your %#$&* to the dojo and train.

And don't blame us for information overload. People have described it with the phrase, 'It's like you`re drinking from a fire-hose'.

Just two ideas of what's possible:

1. You come here with a group of people and want different sensei to teach you, but don't want to run from one Dojo to another (usually called Dojo hopping).

We'll provide first class facilities for you and drive the senseis in. You will have a seminar-like environment and full attention.

Sounds good, we know. Just tell us in our no obligation contact form to get a free proposal.

2. You are up for visiting some - or all - of the Karate history sites here on Okinawa???

Just tell us in our free contact form. We'll set up a tour for you taking you to all the spots you desire.

"I was roaming all over this park, sneaking behind trees and bushes, but really couldn't find it. I thought 'it must be a famous monument', but nobody I asked right in that park could even give me the slightest hint were it was. Only in my third year I came here, I found the Karate monument myself. By chance..." Jolie, 29

Not only old and experienced Karateka might find some peace of mind here in their desperate Karate hearts: If you wanna be on top with your kids in tomorrows international championship scene, you might want to get over here and learn what soon will be the new Kata standard in international competition.

Kids Training

Ask Sensei Google or Sensei Youtube: Okinawa is not only the birthplace of Karate and Kobudo, it is still alive and kicking; both in the traditional sector as well as what new developments and trends is about.

So let us know what you're up for by filling in our free contact form for a free proposal.