Leisure Activities

Okinawa has a unique package of world class leisure activity possibilities.

Ranging from beautiful theme parks like Churaumi Aquarium to golf courses, island trips, all (spell ALL) kinds of water sports from snorkeling to scuba to sea-angling, paragliding, all kinds of beach and outdoor activities, cycling, rock climbing, and even marathon and triathlon. You name it.

"Linda from Calli had been coming to Okinawa for more than 20 years now. I was astonished to here that in all these years she never made it to one of the outer islands, never went snorkeling and never experienced the beauty of sea life and nature here. Maybe it was because most Okinawans don't care about Churaumi (the beautiful sea) and most of them cannot even swim (!) that no one ever thought about to tell and show her about it." Chris, MBA, 39.

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